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Puffy's Black Nuzlocke

Prologue 1

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Reply Puffy333, March 30th, 2011, 2:53 pm

And So It Begins... I hope no one minds the prologue that doesn't focus on the main character. I also hope no one noticed that accidental mix-up where instead of this page, another page was posted first. Sorry about that.

So my own rules for my Nuzlock Run:

1. If a Pokemon faints, it is dead and thus permaboxed.
2. You can only catch the first Pokemon on each route, Dupes Clause and Shiny Clause in effect.
2.A. To correspond with rule 4, if you lose every single Pokemon you have and are unable to reach a new route, then you may catch the first Pokemon of each of the previous routes to act as a temporary team.
- The minute you can catch a new Pokemon on a new route, the entire temporary team must be permaboxed.
- If you've already caught one Pokemon from every route in the ENTIRE game and lose every single one of them, the rule can be 'refreshed', and you can catch the first Pokemon of each route again.
3. Nickname all Pokemon caught.
4. The challenge only ends when I get my name signed into the Hall of Fame.

I hope I'll never have to worry about rule 2.A...

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